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Experiencing hardship and falling down in life is inevitable, but bouncing back is optional. Bouncing back from a setback requires a special kind of resilience. How do you bounce back from failure, loss, or situations that weren't your fault? How do you bounce back when you have lost all hope and simply don't know what to do? Well, inspirational speaker and resilience coach, Sandra Lee has the answer for you! 


In this book, Sandra shares her story along with life-changing information that will help you bounce back and beyond where you've ever been into becoming a resilient rockstar. Resilience is being able to bounce back quickly despite adversity and a rockstar is someone idolized with an inspiring fanatical admiration. In this book, you can expect to receive inspiration and also the information to become an inspiration that represents rockstar resilience! Tough times don't last, but tough people do. The purpose inside of you is tougher than any situation that you may face. In this book, you will learn how to renew your strength, mind, and faith to overcome life's challenges and persevere with a heart of resilience. 




Sandra Lee R. N. is an International Life Transformational Speaker, best-selling author, and top-ranked resilience and life transformation coach. Sandra has multiple coaching certifications , created the Rise in Resilience Academy and is a Hero Coach for Adam Jablins life transformation coaching program, The Hero Project. 


It is her passion to inspire, motivate, and empower individuals and organizations on how to overcome life's obstacles and succeed with a spirit of resilience! Sandra's message has impacted and saved the lives of many. She has been honored with an humanitarian award. 

After experiencing a major setback, Sandra was rocked hard by life, but it was her spirit of resilience that turned her into a rockstar of igniting the light of hope for others!

Sandra is also the founder of a thriving global nonprofit organization called, Love and Light to the World, Inc. She is the Visionary of the Life saving awareness campaign the #lightitup project. The mission of her organization is to create awareness for mental health and addiction recovery to prevent suicide and overdose death. 


Together her team, supporters, partners and sponsors focus on empowering communities across the globe by unmuting voices globally. For more information about Love and Light to the World, Click HERE to learn more and support Sandra on her life saving Mission. 



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Melissa T, R.N.

Sandra's story and coaching were absolutely amazing! After joining her Rise in Resilience Academy I instantly began to rise in my personal life, business, and family!

Tim M, Program Director

Sandra's message is the definition of empowering! She inspired our clients and most importantly gave them the information they needed to thrive!

Amy G, Model

Sandra's story and coaching literally saved my life. She took the time to go above and beyond to help me turn my setback into a resilient comeback!


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