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Experiencing hardship and falling down in life is inevitable, but bouncing back is optional. Bouncing back from a setback requires a special kind of resilience. How do you bounce back from failure, loss, or situations that weren't your fault?


How do you bounce back when you have lost all hope and simply don't know what to do?


Well, inspirational speaker and resilience coach, Sandra Lee has the answer for you! 

In Rise in Resilience Academy, Sandra shares her story along with life-changing information that will not only help you bounce back; but bounce beyond where you've ever been into becoming a resilient ROCKSTAR.

Resilience is being able to bounce back quickly despite adversity

and a ROCKSTAR is someone who is BRILLIANT, DEDICATED and DRIVEN. 


In this 8-module course , you can expect to receive inspiration and also the information to become an inspiration that represents ROCKSTAR resilience! Simple actionable learning tools that you can implement in your life right away.

Tough times don't last, but tough people do. 


The purpose inside of you is tougher than any situation that you may face. In this program, you will learn how to renew your strength, mind, and faith to overcome life's challenges and persevere with a heart of resilience. If you play full out, invest time , energy

and DO THE WORK you will watch your life transform and become the ROCKSTAR you were created to be . 


Online Academy pre recorded 8 module course 

pdf downloads 

Private fb support group 


8 private coaching sessions with Coach Sandra Lee RN via zoom 

Online Academy pre recorded 8 module course 

pdf downloads 

Private fb support group 

Working Mother

Exclusive 8-Module Self-Paced Course

Online Meeting

pdf downloads / Private fb support group 

Get instant access to Sandra's 8-module course, which has over 25 lessons,

and become a member of her exclusive private fb group. 

Module 1 - Building RESILIENCE

Module 2 - OPTIMISTIC mindset

Module 3 - Conquering COURAGE

Module 4 - SELF KINDNESS is key 

Module 5 -Stepping into STRENGTH

Module 6 - Tapping into a TEACHABLE MINDSET

Module 7 - Aligning with AUTHENTICITY

Module 8 - RELENTLESS Rockstar status 

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