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Meet Sandra Lee RN

Sandra is a PROUD Mother of 3 young Adults from Metro Detroit Michigan.Drawing from a profound journey of ROCK BOTTOM to ROCKSTAR, Sandra brings a unique perspective enriched by personal triumphs over adversity to EMPOWER others to RISE.

Sandra has pushed through much adversity in life including poverty, childhood trauma,  abuse, teenage pregnancy, single Motherhood , brutal divorce, traumatic house fire and still was able to RISE .


Sandra graduated high school on time and joined the very slim 1 % of teenage Mothers to obtain a college degree by the age of 30.

The adversity didn't stop there for Sandra. She battled cPTSD , addiction,  survived suicide and realized that she was put on this earth for a reason. 

Fighting for her recovery and her Wellness, Sandra invested in herself and obtained a Top Life transformation Coach as well as a Recovery Mentor. Sandra's passion was reignited for life and she truly found her post traumatic purpose. 


Sandra then invested in herself to obtain the skills to fulfill her purpose. She joined Next Level Speakers Academy Elite and obtained top Speaking coaches, she obtained a book writing coach and prepared herself to coach others by obtaining 3 Coaching certifications. 


Certified in Holistic Wellness Coaching, Emotional trauma Recovery Coaching, and Life Transformation Coaching, Sandra offers EMPATHY, TRANSPARENCY and AUTHENTICITY to her dynamic approach of healing and growth.

As a Mental Health and Addiction Recovery Advocate Sandra is an Internationally acclaimed Resilience Coach, esteemed Life Transformation Speaker and Best-selling Author. Sandra is a dedicated Registered Nurse of 12 years.


As an Entrepreneur, Humanitarian award winner, Founder of a Non-Profit Organization, and Creator of a Global life-saving Awareness Campaign " The #lightitup project", Sandra is a beacon of HOPE impacting and saving lives Globally.


Sandra is on a mission to alleviate suffering , educate and empower emotional / mental wellness. Sandra is your ultimate guide to achieving lasting transformation.



Discover the POWER of RESILIENCE & LIFE TRANSFORMATION . Contact our team for Sandra's Services. It's time to RISE. Visit our HOME page.

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